Thursday, April 1, 2010

PR Opportunities

If you like what you see here and think that your product or service might be of interest to my readers, then I would love to talk with you!

I am a part-time working mom who has been blogging since April of 2008. As the mom of 2 young daughters (ages 4 & 5), I am interested in a wide array of topics ranging from family friendly products to pop culture everything. I am an avid reader and connoisseur of all genres of music. My passions are travel, photography, needle arts and scrapbooking, when I'm not blogging. I am a very hands on parent and have an interest in going more "green" in our lifestyle as my children are growing up. I think it's important to teach them about caring for our planet.

If you agree to send me your product, you also agree that it will not be returned. I will inform you of receipt and will contact you in a timely manner about the approximate date of review publishing, typically within 30 days of receipt of the product. I will also send you the link to the product review post.

If you offer a giveaway with your product review, you agree to mail it directly to my winner at the end of the giveaway period. Please do not send me a duplicate copy of the product to ship. I run most giveaways for one week to 10 days. If the value of your product is over $100, I will extend the giveaway period to 14 days.

If you would like to submit a press release or giveaway without a product review, contact me for my prices. Pricing is based upon my time and extent of promotion that you are seeking.

I have a Twitter account and Facebook Fan Page that I utilize for frequent announcements about what's going on with my blog.

I appreciate you taking the time to consider my blog as an outlet for your product or service and encourage you to contact me at Queenofthecastlereviews (at) gmail (dot) com to discuss further details!

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  1. great things come to those that work for them


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